You will be reading Freak the Mighty. Before we begin reading, I would like for you to complete a pre--s.

About the Author- Rodman Philbrickss
Rodman Philbrick has written no novels. Go to his website ( and answer the following questions:
1.)What inspired him to write Freak the Mighty?
2.) How many books has he written?
3.) Name the titles of the other books he has written.
Section 2 (Chainz)
Quests and Chivalry-
Freak talks a lot about knights and their noble quests and acts of chivalry. He gets these ideas from legends and stories about King Artur and the Knights of the Round Table. In this Quest, you will be reading about these legends to build your background knowledge before starting the novel.

1.) As a journal create your own definition of chivalry.
2.) Give examples of someone behaving chivalrously.
3.) Do you think that it is good for people to be chivalrous?

Google the following information and record your answers: 200
1.) Who is #King Arthur?.
2.) Who is Guinevere?
3.) What was the name of King Arthur´┐Ż's castle?
4.) Who were the Knights of the Round Table? ._. and answer the following questions.
1.) W!hat is the Code of Chivalry?
2.) Why is the round table significant?